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Membership is based on four areas: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  A faculty advisory committee meets to determine if students meet the membership criteria.

Scholarship:  Students will qualify scholastically for membership if they have a 92% cumulative grade point average after three semesters of study.  Once a student has been admitted, he/she must maintain a cumulative grade average of 90%.  If the cumulative average falls below a 90%, the student is given a warning and has the next semester to bring it back up  If the student fails to do this, he/she is notified in writing of his dismissal from the National Honor Society and is not eligible for membership again.

Leadership:  Members must have held at least one responsible elected office (president, secretary, annual editor, student council member, HOBY representative, FFA, FCCLA, etc.) in a school organization with a recommendation from a faculty sponsor of that organization indicating that the individual met all obligations of that office; the student must belong to two or more school organizations (this would include their class organization); and the student must participate in one of the following: athletics, vocal music, instrumental music, drama, speech, or vocational activities.

Character:  These qualifications are voted on by the faculty.  The student needs a 2/3 "yes" vote of the total "yes/no" votes cast in order to become a member.  Character is defined as follows:
Integrity:  No recorded incidents of cheating or intentional dishonesty
Positive behavior:  No record of skipping classes or of knowingly violating school regulations.  No record of civil offenses with the community.
Cooperation:  Willing to assist classmates, faculty members, etc.
Ethics:  Does the "right" thing in most situations.

Service:  Student's service activities listed on the information they provide to the selection committee shall total a minimum of 20 hours/year.  At least 1 project should be an on-going commitment over a period of 3 months or more.  If the student does not participate in a long-term project of 3 months or more, then, 25 hours of service will be required.  Service hours should not be projects for parents or close relatives.  Service during school hours may be counted if it is a personal act of service (rather than a group), which requires the student to miss study hall or part of a lunch period.
    Besides the required hours of service, the committee will be considering the following questions as they relate to the students:
    1.  Does this student volunteer and provide dependable and well-organized assistance?  Are thy gladly available and willing to sacrifice to offer assistance?
    2.  Does this student work well with others and are they willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities?
    3.  Does this student cheerfully and enthusiastically render any requested service to the school?
    4.  Is the student willing to represent the class or school in inter-class and inter-scholastic competition?
    5.  Does this student do committee and other work without complaint?
    6  Does this student show courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students?

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